Mr.  Eugene Chetty
Eugene Chetty is the innovation and web 2.0 specialist at a large private bank. Having a unique passion for all things digital I began a career in computers while still at school with an apprenticeship program at PC+ Consultants. I have future aspirations of sharing my digital knowledge with South Africans, informing and changing the mindset that we are a 3rd world country. South Africa is rich in many things and the youth who have a strong desire to further digital are key to the development of South Africa. This development will enhance the quality of life for all South African’s not just the elite. My knowledge of different industries proves most valuable when looking for digital solution to everyday problems. 
Topic for TEDxUKZN Conference: “Where are all things digital going?”
In this topic I will cover the innovation gadgets and gizmos that are in production and even those being thought up as we speak. I would also like to add in what value they would add to us as South Africans.

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